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"Love Inspired"
Burning Man 2023

Welcome Home

Hiya! Sharon Rae here! 

aka: SunShine DayFire!

I am bringing art to Burning Man this year with my amazing team, and we need your help!

As we make this dream come true, if you are touched, please help make this art piece a reality with your crucial supporting donation.

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"Love Inspired"

Have you ever adopted a furry friend, thinking you were saving THEIR life? 

But… In return, they gave YOU purpose, joy, and true unconditional LOVE!


Our animal companions often spark the brilliant colors of the rainbow within our own existences.

"Love Inspired" will share this dynamic energy with all who come upon it as we celebrate the amazing bond between humans and animals and how they inspire us to live with more love, compassion, and gratitude.

2023 marks my 10th pilgrimage to Black Rock City, and I’m excited and inspired to embrace the spirit of this year’s "Animalia" theme.


The “Love Inspired” art installation will house a colorful dedication to our animal family members, both past and present. Their unconditional love, which they give so willingly, has changed me, making me more whole, reminding me of whom I am meant to be and what my life's purpose is, which is...


“Love Inspired” celebrates these friends! Through our animal family member’s lens of love, colors in our world seem brighter, and our experiences take on a whole new light. They are the white light that shines color into life, just like light shining through rain creates colors of the rainbow.

The full rainbow spectrum of the chakra energy system is on full display in “Love Inspired.” The man adorned in white, placed in the east, reminds us that this light, shining brightly, creates all the vibrant colors of the rainbow.


The eye-catching prayer flags are adorned with the likeness of some of our artist animal family members and the animals of generous Burners like YOU that donate to our "Flag Sponsorship" level.


We honor ANIMALS and thank them for the joy they are and have been in our human lives.

In addition to bringing "Love Inspired" to Burning Man in 2023, our goal is to take this installation to Regional Burner Events through the coming year, continuing to bring the message that Love Inspires.

You can help us realize this dream and become part of its creation through your donation today.

This project is non-profit, and donations are tax-deductible through the Idaho Burners Alliance, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

Our Goal: $6,000

Your non-profit contributions go to source the wood, paint, and art supplies, including lighting equipment, materials, cushion creation, prisms, fasteners, ropes, all the nuts, bolts, hardware needed to secure this to the playa, generator, and box, power cords, tools, marketing and media, fees, donor swag, transportation to BRC, and supporting the build crew's nourishment as they gift numerous hours of their time and love, bring this project to life.


Your donations are essential as your support makes this project possible!!


Our artist and crew will not be compensated, as donating our time to the project is our Labor Of Love.


This project is non-profit, and donations are tax-deductible through Idaho Burners Alliance, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Select a donation level below, use the easy PayPal checkout to add your support, and receive the associated donation level gift before the burn this year.

Any donation is appreciated, and all are tax deductible! 


If you would enjoy some swag created by our team members, we are excited to offer you the following…

Donation Levels & Gifts

"Love Inspired"

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"Love Inspired"
Sticker + Patch

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"Love Inspired" Handmade Ceramic Pendant

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"Love Inspired"
Sticker + Patch + Handmade Ceramic Pendant

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"Love Inspired"
Sticker + Patch +
* Flag Sponsorship *

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Send us a photo of your animal family member via the contact us form image uploader or email, and we'll create a custom flag to celebrate their spirit. This flag will be attached to "Love Inspired," displayed at Burning Man and other regional events in the coming years. 

Donate without a gift

Just want to help get "Love Inspired" to the burn this year but don't need a gift in return?

We appreciate your donation in any amount...

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Meet The Team


The Artist

Sharon Rae 🌞🔥

aka SunShine DayFire

Media: Photography, Ceramics, Porcelain, Drawing, and Mixed Media

My Mantra: Live Love

The intention to infuse Love into each piece of art I create is what brings me the most joy during its creation. I visualize each art piece at conception as a dance with universal forces of Love. I’m often ecstatic by what comes forth when I give myself over to these energetic forces. 


In my past art practice, I’ve crafted thousands of clay pendants and jewelry that have been gifted on the Playa each year. When creating each unique piece, I add an intention of collaboration and hope that each person’s energy will find just the right piece that creates a meaningful connection and a profoundly beautiful, shared experience. 


 “Love Inspired” was created on a frigid January day with just this sort of intention in mind. I started by creating a popsicle stick/paper/string form prototype with a plan to enjoy it alone.


Shortly after making the concept piece, tragedy stopped me in my tracks. February 6, 2023, I helplessly watched the world come together to search through the rubble for our sisters and brothers after the Turkey/Syria earthquake. We lost 50,785 souls that day. Their lights were extinguished in the span of mere moments. 


Although I couldn’t help in the recovery efforts by traveling across the globe, I could send Love through my prayer and intentions, sending out song notes into the universe in their memory. Their catastrophic loss rattled me. And has since encouraged me to stand in my light and stop hiding my talents and passions in the shadows of fear and unworthiness.


Today is a gift to be used to its most promising potential, embracing the most beautiful light imaginable, knowing life can be taken at any moment. Because of those spirits that have lost their light, they have inspired me to shine mine brightly.


“Love Inspired” includes seven representations of the man standing in a celebratory stance, hand in hand. A true celebration of connection with the city that has inspired me and continues to provide my creative energy each year as I dip into its limitless charge.


My Home. Burning Man. 


I wasn’t sure how, but I knew it would be worth whatever it would take to make “Love Inspired” happen this year! And I have been genuinely surprised by how many new friends have come into my life because of our collaboration on this piece. The experience has taken on a life of its own as we join a communal effort to bring light, celebration, and love to the Playa! 


“Love Inspired” honors our human and animal family members alike, both transitioned and still shining their light here with us, with a strong connection to this year’s Burning Man’s theme of “Animalia.” My love for my animal family, mixed with my love for the Burning Man community, is a beautiful collaboration of energies that is a match made in heaven. I look forward to sharing it with you in the days ahead.

Our Amazing Team


Build Crew and Fundraising

Honey Bee_edited.jpg

Mr.  Kraft

Master Crafter and Vison Digitalizer



Fundraising and Social Media


Fire Marshal Sam

Structural  Engineer,

Construction Lead, and LNT


José Moretti

Playa Build and Memory Book

Jean Pierre Juges




Playa Build Crew and LNT Lead


Banana Pants

Fundraising, Playa Build, and LNT

Banana Pants.jpg


Build Crew

Katelyn Bowen

Build Crew and Fundraising



Build Crew and Fundraising


Build Crew and Swag Creation



Build Crew


Project Manager



Electrical Engineer Lead and Build Crew


Build Facilitator



Copy Editor and Flag Creation

Miranda Kay

Graphic Design and Fundraising



Fundraising and Build Crew

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