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Our Goal:

Our goal is to raise $6,000. Where do your non-profit contributions go - you ask?? Great question! From wood, to paint and art supplies, to lighting equipment, materials and cushion creation, prisms, fasteners, ropes, all the nuts, bolts, hardware and such that will secure this to the playa, generator and box, power cords, tools, marketing and media, fees, donor swag, transportation to BRC, and supporting the build crew's nourishment as they gift numerous hours of their time and love, bring this project to life. Your donations are essential as your support makes this project possible!! please note: our artist and crew will not be compensated, as donating our time to the project is our Labor Of Love.

This project is non-profit and donations are tax deductible through Idaho Burners Alliance. How do I donate, You ask??? Easy! Simply fill out our donation form, and submit your donation via Venmo!

Any donation is appreciated and it is tax deductible! if you would enjoy some swag created by our team members, we are excited to offer you the following:

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