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The Artist


Sharon Rae aka SunShine DayFire

Media: photography, ceramics, porcelain, drawing, mixed media

My Mantra: Live Love


The intention to infuse Love into each piece of art I create is what brings me the most joy during it's creation. I visualize the art’s conception as a dance with universal forces of Love. At times, I am ecstatic by what comes forth when I give myself over to these energetic forces. When making clay pendants to be gifted on the playa, holding the malleable clay in my hands with the intention to create, while collaborating with the person’s energy that will eventually choose this particular pendant from the many they will be given the opportunity to choose from is a profoundly beautiful moment in time. This is how “Love Inspired” was created one frigid day in January. And then, instead of putting my new creation on a shelf in its popsicle stick/paper/string form to enjoy alone, a tragedy stopped me in my tracks and gave this piece more meaning than could have been imagined at first glance. February 6, 2023 I helplessly watched the world come together to search through the rubble for our sisters and brothers after the Turkey/Syria earthquake. We lost 50,785 souls that day and in addition, over 200 were never recovered. Their lights were extinguished in the span of mere moments. Although I couldn’t help in the recovery efforts by traveling across the globe, I could send Love through prayer, intention and sending out notes of song into the universe in their memory. Their catastrophic loss rattled me. And has since encouraged me to stand in my light and to stop hiding my talents and passions in the shadows of fear and unworthiness. Today is a gift, to be used to its most promising, beautiful light imaginable. Knowing it could be taken at any moment. Because of those that have lost their light, they have inspired me to shine mine brightly. So that was it! It was decided! I am taking this art piece with 7 representations of the man standing in a celebratory stance, hand in hand, to the city that has given me my most inspiration, my most creative energy each year as I dip into its limitless charge. My Home. Burning Man. I wasn’t sure how, but I knew it would be worth whatever it was going to take to make it happen! And I have been genuinely surprised how many new friends have come into my life because of our collaboration of this art as it takes on a life of it’s own as we come together! And when Burning Man’s chosen theme of “Animalia” was announced, I knew it was meant to be! Anyone that knows me and my love for my animal family knows this beautiful collaboration of energies was a match made in heaven! Combining the point of this art with honoring our animal family members both transitioned and still shining their light is now our purpose.

The Team

Mr. Kraft.webp

Mr.  Kraft - Master Crafter & Vison Digitalizer

HoneyBee - Build Crew and Fundraising

Cassie - Fundraising and Social Media

Banana Pants - Fundraising, Playa Build , LNT


Fire Marshal Sam - Structural  Engineer  and Construction Lead, LNT


Pi  - Playa Build Crew/ LNT Lead


José Moretti  - Playa Build and  Memory Book


Jean Pierre Juges - LNT


Julie Gem  -  Build Crew


Katelyn Bowen - Build Crew and Fundraising

Stephy - Build Crew and Fundraising


Jesus - Build Crew and Swag Creation


Johnny - Build Crew


Lexi /Rose - Project Manager

Nick - Electrical Engineer Lead and Build Crew


Dustin - Build Facilitator


Michelle - Copy Editor and Flag Creation


Miranda Kay - Graphic Design and Fundraising


Aly - Fundraising and Build Crew

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